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How To Add Romance To Your Relationship

by: Maria Estarellas

After a few years of being with that special someone, everything becomes a routine and this is one of the reasons why a relationship fails.

In today's world, most of us involved in a relationship have a job, family, and other responsibilities that take up too much time of our lives and by the end of the day, we are so tired that don't make time to do something different and fun with our significant other.

In order for a relationship to work and last, we need to communicate, trust, support and do fun things with our loved one.

Here are some romantic ways to keep the flame alive.

Get home before your partner and trace a path from the front door to the bedroom with votive candles. In the bedroom, have lit candles, a bottle of wine (or the drink of your choice), and strawberries covered with chocolate.

Make a reservation for a night at a hotel but don't tell your partner. Just have her/him meet you at the hotel's bar for a drink. Make sure you have lit candl…

How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend

So you started a relationship with a cute, sweet girl who turned out to be an emotional wreck and possibly mentally insane. No problem, the hardest part is breaking up...err, actually it might be staying broke up, but first things first. Realize that any relationship you are in should improve both people's lives, and in this case focus on how your life currently is compared to how you would like it to be. If your life is not going the way you want it to, then follow these seven steps to break up with your girlfriend:

1. Take a break from each other - Tell your girlfriend you're taking some time alone (and give her a definite day when you will be done). Keep it to about a week or two at the most, since at this point in the relationship things are probably rocky and you don't want to draw out the pain too long. It is crucial that you not see her or speak to her at all (or as little as possible). The reason you want to be completely away from her is so that your mind and body …

How To Act On A First Date - Advice For Men

There are tons of free dating sites and free advice from people who offer first date tips and online dating information, but very few that address the issue of how to act on a first date.

Contrary to what you may have read on this topic, you must educate yourself from reputable experts in this field who can document their success.

Women Are More Intuitive Than Men

They can tell from their female intuition whether or not you're not in control of your emotions, if you're nervous, or you're not comfortable in your own skin. When you're on a first date, she's probably nervous too because she feels your emotions. I call it "woman radar" and its unavoidable.

Be Fun, And Allow Yourself To Have No Expectations On Your First Date

Women want a man who can lead, be calm and make her laugh. If you can act this natural without being needy and "leaning in" too much, both of you will feel at ease with each other and enjoy the first date better.

Wing The Experience, …

How To Flirt With Women In 7 Easy Ways

A lot of guys have been asking me what we men should do for body language, so this column will give you the answers: how to recognize female body language, how to react to it, and how to use your own body language to flirt with women successfully, from start to finish.

You have to remember that whatever you say, however you gesture your hands, arms, head, and eyes, women are NOT taking your movements at face value. If she jokes with you and you lightly push her away as if to say "Stop", she’s taking that simple gesture as something more: interest, dis-interest, enjoyment, annoyance–any of a million different signals. She’s reading it for further suggestions as to what kind of guy you are, and what your interest in her is. Know that with body language, girls are always reading the way you move and act!

Here are my "Lucky Seven" best ways to show interest:

The confident eye gazeThe "Dale Head Drop"Smile!Open body languageLean in to herThumbs in beltTouch her

Want to Learn the Secret Technique to Seduce Girls?

Allow me to tell you a truth about guys and what most of us want from women...

Simply put, we want to get laid!

When we start talking to a girl or bring her out on a date, our ultimate goal is to get her in the sack. While you might want a relationship or simple companionship, your first thought is wondering what sex will be like with her.

That's why knowing how to seduce girls is an important thing to know.

The one problem you might encounter is how difficult it can be to transition from a date to "getting it on" with a woman. I don't have to tell you that it's frustrating to want a woman, but have no clue how you can make a move on her.

But let me tell you secret...

When women want sex as much as we do! So when she has sex with you, there is no seduction. It's a conscious decision on her part.

On other hand, she doesn't want to make the first move. In fact, women want to be pursued and made to feel desired. Ultimately this means you have to have the courage to…

3 Secret Tips to Really Attract A Woman

So, you want to really attract a woman! But do you know how?

Perhaps the first thing you ought to know is what doesn't work- lame pickup lines. You know the kind. "Baby, you must be a broom, 'cause you just swept me off my feet" and "You're hot. You must be the reason for global warming." Lines like these may work in comedy but, in real life, they are duds.

To really attract a woman, the first thing you should do is be yourself – be genuine. Any falseness is going to be a major turn-off.

There are many ways to really attract a woman and using astrology is one way. Here are 3 secret tips to applying astrology to attract the woman of your choice.

Secret Tip # 1 – Learn the sign of the woman you are attracted to.

Don't use the corny "what your sign" line. That won't get you very far except, maybe, out the door. Now, this will take a bit of homework. Learn some of the main characteristics of each of the signs of the zodiac.

Since you don't y…

Art Of Seduction, Seducing Women

Written By: Cher Sern Lim

The Art Of Seduction And Seducing Women Into Wanting To Have Sex Is Very Easy As Long As You Have The Right Techniques And You Know What You’re Doing.

When all is said and done about dating women there is one main goal in a man’s mind. How do I get laid? Getting women to go out with you is one thing, seducing women into your bed is a different story altogether. But as with flirting and dating it can be done if you know how the art of seduction works.

In a sense seduction is about making a connection with the woman that you are trying to seduce. Get her attention and make her want more from you. When you are flirting or bantering with her start moving the topics along into the sexual territory. Get her aroused and interested subconsciously so that when you make your move she will be naturally willing to go with you.

Another seduction technique you can try out is to just flat out arouse her and make her horny for sex. The reasoning behind this is simple, when women…