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Dating and Sex -- Should You or Shouldn't You?

At the beginning of a relationship, especially on the first few dates, it's very hard to determine if your partner is the right person and if she/he is the way they show us and not faking their personality.

The most known rule seems to be that you should never sleep with a date until at least the third date. There's no real logic but it does mean that you get a little breathing space before you start feeling that you 'should' be having sex! The general idea is that you should never have sex on a first date because that's going to get you a reputation for being 'easy'!

General consensus and opinions aside, whether or not you have sex on your first, third or tenth date is only up to you and your partner! Only you know if you are comfortable enough with your date and ready to have sex with him/her. No-one else really has the right to tell you that it's too early and it's not the done thing, or for that matter to pressure you into something that you'…

How To Handle A Cheating Girlfriend

Not all girls cheat, but unfortunately some do. If your girl cheats on you and you find out, there are several things that you can do about it. Some choices may be good for you, some will really stink, but cheating is never an easy thing to handle. It is painful and damages your trust as well as your pride and self confidence. You can deal with it and you will survive even though you might feel like you won't at times. Just take your time to decide what you are going to do and where you will take the relationship next. As I said, you have a few options.
Ignore It
It may seem easy to just ignore it and hope that it will go away, but think about that before you go that route. If you ignore it, that means that you either don't even talk about it with your girlfriend or you actually catch her and just play the "la la la, it will go away" method. Beware of this, though, while it may be easy because you don't have to deal with anything or dredge up the painful feelings, …